Best Yoga Teacher Training in The World

What to Expect in a Yoga Training Course as a Teacher?



I congratulate you if you have already decided to go for a training course to be a yoga teacher since you are about to do something unique in your life, interesting and enlightening. You are probably close open a whole new dimension of life through the experience of yoga in all its depth and possibly through teaching, when you are a universal vehicle of this knowledge. Although here are some clues about what it might mean this experience, you may not be able to anticipate or have expectations what you really are going to get. Not because they will be met but because the overflowing experience is unimaginable and we are conditioned. All you have to do is just that you accept what comes to be wonderful and surrender to it.


Hope to Learn much & Have a Transformative Experience


In a teacher training course for yoga, what you are doing above all is to explore your own minds to know and transcend it. With practice, we are healing your body and soul to make it healthier, balanced and happy. You are changing the way you are programmed to free yourself from the fears and concepts that limit your vision and possibilities. When your mind is silent, you we see our nature’s eternal and infinite bliss and you are radiant and full of love to share. This is power of yoga.


Discipline and Commitment



Discipline and commitment are essential to yoga because they gives you harmony and stability to stimuli from the outside world that can make you happy and also unhappy, and to the movements of your own mind is your worst enemy or your best friend. Mind’s power is such that from it, you create your life experience and your state of overall health. The record keeps your body strong, your mind clear and spirits very high. Keep your mind in balance, detoxified and healthy and your body will also imply in sticking to some restrictions to understand as you dig deeper.


Expect to Study


Yoga has many different dimensions and although you can understand intuitively and incorporate it to life, it is also a serious philosophical, scientific and structured tradition which you must study, especially if you are going to teach. It is essential to study anatomy, how to teach and form correct postures and different practices, what are the effects or contraindications of each to have the best results and how to avoid any possible risks. It is important that you know the philosophy of yoga that gives meaning to everything you do on the mat and see how it fits in a wonderful way. You can also hope to find with different forms of yoga because yoga is integrated to life.


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